Top 10 Free and Paid CBD Guest Posting Websites

More and more people are looking into the possible advantages of CBD (cannabidiol), which has seen a surge in popularity and awareness in recent years. Businesses, professionals, and CBD lovers must create a strong online presence in order to effectively reach their target audience as the CBD market expands. A tried-and-true method for achieving these ends is to post as a guest on trustworthy CBD websites. You may identify yourself as an authority, drive more traffic to your website, and create important contacts within the CBD community by offering top-notch material to well-known platforms.

You may take advantage of their engaged audience and position yourself as a reliable information source in the CBD sector by utilizing these guest posting sites. These platforms offer the perfect setting to engage a larger audience, whether your goal is to inform others about the potential health advantages of CBD, highlight the most recent business trends, or emphasize the excellence and transparency of your CBD products.

So, if you’re prepared to elevate your CBD content, read on as we discuss the top 10 free and paid CBD guest posting websites that will enable you to increase your visibility and leave a lasting impression in the rapidly developing CBD industry.

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1. Leafly

A well-known website called Leafly has made a name for itself as a major authority in the CBD and cannabis industries. Leafly has a sizable network of cannabis consumers and enthusiasts and provides a lot of knowledge, reviews of different strains, and educational material.

As a website that accepts guest posts, Leafly provides a fantastic venue for CBD professionals, brands, and fans to contribute their knowledge and opinions. 

Leafly covers a wide range of topics, including industry trends, how to consume CBD, what products to buy, and its benefits for health. Leafly welcomes many viewpoints that contribute to the corpus of knowledge, whether you’re interested in contributing articles with scientific study backing or personal anecdotes involving CBD experiences.

Your credibility in the CBD market can be significantly boosted by guest posting on Leafly, which has a strong reputation and a sizable following. You can become a dependable source and draw more customers to your own website or company by sharing relevant material with their audience.

  • Founded: Irvine, California, U.S. (June 13, 2010)
  • Founders: Cy Scott; Scott Vickers; Brian Wansolich
  • Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, U.S
  • Key people: Yoko Miyashita (CEO);

2. Ministry of Hemp

Ministry of Hemp is a well-known website devoted to information, news, and reviews on hemp and CBD. It acts as a thorough resource for people looking for accurate details regarding CBD and its different applications.

As a forum for guest posting, Ministry of Hemp gives CBD professionals, enthusiasts, and brands the chance to share insightful information with their attentive audience. You may establish yourself as a reliable information source within the CBD community by sharing your insights, knowledge, and experiences on topics relating to CBD.

On Ministry of Hemp, guest pieces address a variety of topics, such as the advantages of CBD, business news, legal developments, product reviews, and how-to articles.Ministry of Hemp offers a platform to engage a varied audience interested in learning about CBD, whether you’re interested in studying the possible medicinal benefits of CBD, debating the most recent research results, or offering ideas on CBD product selection and consumption.

3. CBD Nerds

CBD Nerds is a comprehensive online resource that offers industry insights, product reviews, and helpful information to CBD aficionados. The website CBD Nerds encourages contributions from CBD experts, brands, and supporters who may offer distinctive viewpoints and insights into the CBD market.

You may connect with CBD fans who are actively looking for knowledge about the newest products, market trends, and best practices by writing guest posts for CBD Nerds. You may demonstrate your knowledge, share your experiences, and become recognized as an authority in the CBD community using this platform.

A wide range of CBD-related topics are covered in guest posts on CBD Nerds, including product reviews, comparisons, dose recommendations, extraction techniques, and the most recent scientific discoveries.Whether you want to debate forthcoming developments in the business, share tips and tricks for maximizing the benefits of CBD, or feature a specific CBD product, CBD Nerds offers a platform where you can communicate with a CBD-passionate audience.

CBD Nerds offers a useful forum for guest contributors to share their opinions without prejudice toward a particular good or service, with an emphasis on presenting unbiased, objective information.

You may improve your reputation, get more visibility, and build relationships within the CBD by following their rules and posting helpful and educational information.

4. CBD Health and Wellness Magazine

This specialised publication is devoted to encouraging a healthy lifestyle via the usage of CBD. It provides a helpful platform for CBD experts, researchers, and enthusiasts to share their expertise and views with a large audience interested in CBD’s possible health benefits as a guest posting website.

You may demonstrate your knowledge and offer insightful information on subjects like the effects of CBD on mental health, pain management, sleep issues, and general well-being by writing guest pieces for CBD Health and Wellness Magazine. With the help of this platform, you may inform readers on the science behind CBD, share your own stories, and provide helpful advice for incorporating CBD into a wellness regimen.

For those looking for accurate and trustworthy content, CBD Health & Wellness Magazine highlights the value of evidence-based knowledge and offers a dependable source. By contributing to our platform, you can obtain visibility among people actively looking for methods to use CBD to improve their health and well-being as well as establish yourself as a reliable source in the CBD market.

A wide range of subjects are acceptable for guest pieces on CBD Health & Wellness Magazine, including CBD research updates, expert interviews, product reviews, and wellness advice. The CBD Health and Wellness Magazine provides a channel for reaching a committed audience, whether you’re a CBD researcher sharing the most recent scientific findings, a wellness expert examining the advantages of CBD in conjunction with other lifestyle choices, or a brand representative showcasing the special features of your CBD products.

5. CBD Testers

Known for offering in-depth reviews of CBD products as well as market news and analysis, CBD Testers is a well-known website. As a platform for guest posting, CBD Testers gives professionals in the CBD sector, CBD enthusiasts, and companies the chance to share their distinctive viewpoints and thoughts with a committed audience looking for trustworthy information.

You may share your knowledge and experiences with others by writing guest posts for CBD Testers. These posts will provide insightful information about different CBD products, their effectiveness, and potential advantages. Using this site, you can write frank and objective evaluations that will aid users in selecting CBD products.

A wide range of subjects are acceptable for guest posts on CBD Testers, including in-depth product evaluations, comparisons, dose suggestions, and the most recent advancements in the CBD market.CBD Testers provides a platform to interact with an informed audience looking for reliable CBD information, whether you’re passionate about investigating various CBD intake techniques, talking about the effects of CBD on particular conditions, or shining light on the regulatory landscape around CBD.

6. CBD Origin

CBD Origin is a dependable website for information about CBD, news, and product reviews. As a platform for guest posting, CBD Origin gives experts, marketers, and enthusiasts a place to share their knowledge and views with a broad audience interested in CBD goods and information.

You may contribute your knowledge on a variety of CBD-related topics, including its possible health benefits, usage advice, market trends, and the science underlying CBD’s modes of action, by writing guest posts for CBD Origin. You have the opportunity to inform readers, dispel misconceptions, and offer useful details on CBD so that people may decide for themselves.

On CBD Origin, guest pieces are published on a variety of subjects, such as product reviews, advice for choosing high-quality CBD products, and explorations of various CBD ingestion techniques. CBD Origin offers a platform to reach a large audience and establish yourself as a reliable source of CBD knowledge, whether you’re passionate about the therapeutic potential of CBD, interested in debating the legal environment surrounding CBD, or ready to share personal experiences with CBD.

Accuracy, openness, and providing users with trustworthy content are priorities for CBD Origin. You may improve your reputation, raise your online visibility, and make connections with people looking for credible CBD resources by following their rules and providing high-quality and interesting content.

7. CBD School

CBD School is an educational resource whose goal is to provide reliable knowledge on CBD. As a website that accepts guest posts, CBD School provides a platform for industry experts, CBD enthusiasts, and brands to submit worthwhile content and interact with a community of people interested in learning more about CBD.

You may contribute your knowledge on a variety of CBD-related topics, including the science underlying CBD, potential health benefits, dose recommendations, usage instructions, and new trends in the business by writing guest posts for CBD School. Using this platform, you may inform readers, respond to frequently asked concerns, and offer helpful advice on how to incorporate CBD into a wellness regimen.

All posts on CBD School are intended to give readers trustworthy, accurate information so they may make informed decisions about CBD use. CBD School offers a platform to interact with people eager to learn about and explore the world of CBD, whether you’re enthusiastic about debunking CBD myths, sharing the most recent research findings, or providing guidance on how to use CBD safely and efficiently.

You may establish yourself as a credible source in the CBD industry by guest posting on CBD School, which lays a heavy emphasis on education and providing reliable information. You may enhance your reputation, boost your profile, and establish relationships with individuals looking for trustworthy CBD resources by sharing informative and fascinating content.

8. CBD Village

CBD Village is a comprehensive online resource that offers news, how-to articles, and reviews about CBD products and the industry as a whole. The CBD Village website gives CBD supporters, marketers, and industry professionals the ability to share their knowledge and suggestions with a community looking for reliable CBD information.

By contributing guest posts to CBD Village, you may share your expertise on a range of CBD-related subjects, such as product evaluations, industry trends, usage guidance, and the most recent advances in CBD research. Through this platform, you may communicate with a variety of individuals who are curious about CBD and want to know about the most recent developments in the industry.

Guest blogs are posted to CBD Village on a variety of subjects, including suggested CBD products, dosage advice, extraction methods, and the impact of CBD on various medical conditions. CBD Village provides a forum for interaction with a community of CBD aficionados, whether you have a special viewpoint on CBD’s therapeutic potential, want to debate the merits of certain CBD products, or want to share your experiences with CBD usage.

CBD Village ensures that its guest authors deliver insightful analysis and information without a promotional bias as part of its commitment to providing factual and instructive content. By abiding by their guidelines and creating valuable material, you may enhance your reputation, increase your online visibility, and establish connections with individuals looking for trustworthy CBD resources.

9. CBD Hacker

CBD Hacker is a portal that focuses on offering objective reviews of CBD products, as well as industry analyses and instructional materials. As a platform for guest blogging, CBD Hacker offers experts, enthusiasts, and marketers the possibility to communicate their unique perspectives and ideas with a dedicated audience seeking reliable information on CBD.

You can assist readers learn more about the many CBD products that are available as well as their quality, efficacy, and safety by contributing guest posts to CBD Hacker. You can offer frank, impartial reviews on our website to help customers choose CBD products that are right for them.

Guest posts on CBD Hacker include a range of topics, including in-depth product evaluations, comparisons, purchase suggestions, and analysis of the most recent CBD market developments. CBD Hacker offers a platform for you to share your knowledge and interact with a community of people looking for reliable CBD resources, whether you’re passionate about investigating various CBD consumption methods, talking about the effects of CBD on particular health conditions, or highlighting the significance of third-party lab testing.

Guest bloggers can offer unbiased advice and candid comments because CBD Hacker is committed to giving accurate information. By creating high-quality content that meets their requirements, you may boost your credibility, gain exposure, and build relationships with people who rely on CBD Hacker for reliable CBD knowledge.

10. CBD Test Lab

The independent lab testing and evaluation of CBD products is done on a website called CBD Test Lab. The website CBD Test Lab offers professionals, academics, and activists the option to contribute intelligent articles regarding CBD testing, product security, and industry norms.

By contributing guest posts to CBD Test Lab, you may share your expertise and opinions on issues like the importance of independent lab testing, assessing the quality and purity of CBD products, deciphering lab findings, and preserving consumer safety in the CBD industry. With the help of this platform, you can tell readers about the importance of independent testing and provide them with useful information so they can make informed decisions when purchasing CBD products.

Additionally, guest articles on CBD Test Lab may cover similar topics like new testing methodologies, legislative updates, and advancements in lab testing technology. Whether you’re a CBD researcher discussing the most recent testing standards, an advocate promoting transparency and quality control in the CBD industry, or a brand representative emphasizing your commitment to stringent testing protocols, CBD Test Lab offers a platform to interact with a market interested in the technical details of CBD products.

At CBD Test Lab, accuracy, transparency, and customer safety are top objectives. By contributing to this platform, you may enhance your reputation as an authority on CBD testing information and forge connections with those who appreciate reliable lab testing in the CBD industry.


By contributing a guest post to well-known CBD websites, you may raise your online profile, establish a solid reputation, and connect with a wider audience interested in CBD-related content. This site has analyzed the top 10 CBD guest posting services, both free and paid, that can help you accomplish these goals.

By using these guest posting services, you can broaden your exposure in the CBD industry, establish yourself as an authority on the subject, and increase traffic to your own website or establishment. Regardless matter whether you’re a CBD expert, brand representative, researcher, or ardent CBD enthusiast, these platforms offer a variety of topics and active audiences to suit your specific interests and objectives.

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